Choosing the Best Transmission Shop in Chicago

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While a transmission repair can be far from inexpensive, it’s a good idea to select a reliable shop that has competitive prices for your area. You can expect to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on the repair depending on where the damage is. However, choosing the cheapest shop can sometimes lead to shoddy work and the need for additional attention down the road. We’ll share a few tips for finding the best transmission shop in Chicago, so you get the service you deserve.

Ask for Recommendations

You probably have coworkers, friends, or family members who have had transmission issues in the past. These people may be aware of the best shops to visit for trustworthy service. Take some time to talk to people you know to determine who has high-quality repairs, reasonable prices, and great customer service.

Consider Professionalism

Sometimes you can determine how professional a shop is quick easily. Just stop by the company’s website and take a look. You can also visit the shop itself and look around. If it seems clean and organized, that is an excellent sign. Other important things to look for are certifications, proper training, and memberships in organizations like the Better Business Bureau. If you want in the shop and it seems a little bit off, it’s best to keep searching.

Detailed and Fair Estimates

Once you have some shops on your radar, consider stopping in to get an estimate. If it’s the best transmission shop in Chicago, you can expect to get a written estimate that explains exactly what each part of the fee is related to. Any shop can give you a basic estimate, but the good ones will explain what part of the cost is related to parts, labor, or other fees.

Too Cheap or Too Expensive

Just as you shouldn’t choose the cheapest mechanic on the block, you likely do not want the most expensive either. Sometimes those that are expensive are asking for too much or being dishonest about the work you need done. Look for average prices and a great reputation if you want a shop that can stand the test of time. If the work is quality and they seem professional, they might be worth spending time with.

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