What To Look For In The Best Transmission Shop In Your Area

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Any type of vehicle is made up of a set of systems that work together. Some systems, such as the vehicle’s air condition, are nice to have, but the vehicle can be safely operated even if they are not working properly. The same is not true for the transmission system, and repairs or replacement can be a significant investment.

Finding the best transmission shop in Chicago does not have to take a lot of your time, but it will save you stress, frustration, and money. Top transmission shops, and particularly our team at S-O-S Transmission, take great pride in working for our customers to get them back on the road with repaired, rebuilt, or a new transmission replacement.

Repair or Rebuild?

Most non-working transmissions can be repaired, or they can be rebuilt. A repair starts with a diagnostic test on the transmission. The results of this test allow the technician to pinpoint the cause of the problem. With this information, the technician can provide information on the cost of a repair or a rebuild. The team at Sos-trans.com uses the latest in technology for all diagnostic services.

The best transmission shop near Chicago is always transparent in this process. They are upfront with the current damage to the transmission and the cost of the repair. A rebuilt allows the transmission shop to breakdown the transmission, replace worn or damaged parts, and put it back together using OEM components. The result is your existing transmission is completely upgraded, while a repair only fixes the specific areas of damage.

Experience and Training

Take the time to find out how long the transmission service has been in business and the types of transmissions they service. The best transmission shop in Chicago should offer ASE Certified Master Technicians for your repair, rebuild, or transmission replacement needs.

For more information on the services offered at S-O-S Transmission, call us today at 708-344-1760 or see us online at sos-trans.com.

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