Guidelines on Finding a Transmission Shop for Service Checks and Repairs

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Don’t dismiss any signs of possible transmission trouble. Get an expert diagnosis and help when you pick a reputable transmission shop in Chicago. Find out how when you check out the following guidelines.

Ask around

If you have big business fleets in your area, they may be an excellent source of information. Call and ask them who services their vehicles. That should give you a good referral or two.

Do your homework

A reputable transmission shop in Chicago isn’t going to fall on your lap, not without a bit of help. Dig around and research until you get enough information to pinpoint which car and service shops should make the cut, The Balance says.

Check the services

Find a shop that offers the services you need, whether you’re thinking about getting a maintenance contract, getting repairs or having your transmission system rebuilt. If you ever need free towing services, for instance, you won’t need to coordinate with a different firm. You save on time, since you can hire the same crew to take care of this for you. That’s hitting two birds with one stone.

Look for reviews

Don’t forget to look for reviews about the service shop and its team. Comments about the professionalism—or lack thereof—of the crew can have a huge impact on your hiring decisions.

Get a warranty

Not all service shops offer a nationwide warranty. If the shop does that, though, then that’s an excellent indication. It means they’re proud and confident of the work they do. That’s a good sign that you picked the right shop.

Ask about the service type

What kind of transmission work do the shop’s mechanics specialize in? Are they familiar with the transmission system of your car or vehicle? Have they worked with one before? That can ease any worries you have that the mechanic may be unfamiliar with the system. Unfamiliarity can lead to mistakes and damage. You’ll want to prevent that scenario by making sure the firm has workers that know how to

Know the signs

Don’t wait until your transmission system is shot before you get help. Pay attention to any possible signs that your transmission is in trouble. Knowing and recognizing the signs will help you figure out if it’s time to call a service contractor.

If those signs mean you’ve got a faulty tranny, there’s no time to waste. Get in touch with us at S-O-S Transmissions. For more information about these services click here.