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You can avoid many major transmission repairs on your car or truck!  Most vehicle owners know that they need to get regular oil and filter changes but some are not aware of the need for regular transmission fluid and filter changes too! 

Most manufacturers recommend transmission fluid and filter changes every 50,000 miles, and even more frequent changes with hard use.  (Examples Towing a trailer or boat, High ambient temperatures, Snow-plowing)  Call us and we can check the Manufacturer’s database online for the suggested interval for your specific vehicle and usage.

It is always a good idea to periodically check your transmission fluid between fluid changes.  (Many newer models do not have a dipstick for the owner to check the fluid level; stop by and we can check this for you)  If the condition of the fluid is poor or if the level is low bring in the vehicle and we can determine the cause.  Transmission fluid comes in a variety of colors; but should always be clear and not have a “burnt” odor.

If it is time for a transmission service, we will provide the correct fluid and filter for your vehicle, clean the magnets, and put the vehicle up on the lift to inspect for transmission line leaks.  We can also reset the transmission adaptation if needed (with a factory – not generic – scanner).


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