Almost every motorist dreads the day their transmission starts to act up. Whether it’s a strange noise that alerts you to the fact that all’s not well, an odd smell or some difficulty in shifting, transmission damage symptoms are never welcome. Luckily, we’re here to sort out your transmission issues quickly and competently. Because we specialize in transmissions, we can usually sort out the problem, even if it’s a complex one.

More Than Thirty Years of Experience in Auto Transmission

We have been operating for more than thirty years in Chicago, fixing transmissions on cars and trucks in and around Stone Park. Our technicians benefit from a high level of training and have been doing the job for years! We are particularly skilled at working on tricky transmission problems – if you’ve got a niggling transmission issue which can’t seem to be easily resolved, why not let us take a look at it for you?

Car Transmission Repairs on Trucks and Cars in Chicago

Our team is able to work on almost any truck or car, including classic models or imports. We love a challenge, so if you’ve got an old car that you’re fixing up as a project, or a vintage truck that’s been in the family for decades, we would value the opportunity to restore its transmission to a solid, working condition. In addition to repairs, we also offer a range of preventative maintenance services that can help your transmission to last longer as well as reduce the risk of sudden failure.

Dependable Transmission Repair in Stone Park, IL

Our company operates in line with our core values of competency, professionalism, honesty and communication. We are accountable to our customers and will always provide clear information on our fault diagnosis, repair options and cost implications. If you want to work with a company that puts customers at the heart of what they do, it’s time to call us at (708) 344-1760.