Where to go for Transmission Repairs in Chicago, Illinois

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Your car is your livelihood. You work in sales and need to individually visit your customers and frequently make small drop-offs of things like samples. Your car has been acting funny lately but you are far from a car expert and so you have no idea what is wrong. Your downstairs neighbor knows a bit about cars and he tells you that he thinks you have a transmission issue and suggests you get it professionally looked at as soon as possible.

Because you need your car every day and would prefer not to pay for a car rental, you would like to find a transmission repair in Chicago, IL that will provide you with a loaner car.

You know that some transmission companies are owned by national chains and you prefer to work with the owner of the business you need. You will look for a transmission service that provides what you prefer. This business owner should preferably be on-site and share his passion for transmission repair in Chicago, IL done right.

Since you know nothing at all about cars and especially not a thing about transmissions, you want a company owner and employees to be completely open and transparent with the work to be done on your vehicle.

There are a few additional things you would like from the company you hire. You want them to offer a warranty on your transmission. You also want to get the most you can for your money.

If all this sounds good to you, please reach out to the family-owned S.O.S. Transmissions