Why Come To Our Specialized Transmission Shop In Chicago?

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When the transmission in a vehicle fails, there is little the driver can do other than get in to have it repaired, rebuilt, or replaced. In Chicago, SOS Transmissions is known as the go-to shop for rebuilt and repaired transmissions in vehicles of all ages, types, and models.

It is not uncommon for people in the area to search for mechanics or garages near me when they cannot get their vehicle into gear. While most mechanic and repair shops work on these parts, they are not experts. This can lead to more expensive repairs and extra time for the vehicle in the shop.

At SOS Transmissions, we provide transmission repair services. We do not work on engines, air conditioning systems, or other components in the vehicle. As a specialized shop, we provide several benefits over the services offered by general mechanics and vehicle repair shops.

ASE Certified Master Technicians

We offer ASE Certified Master technicians to work on your transmission. This includes diagnosing the problem using state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostics to recommending the best option for your vehicle.

In some cases, we may recommend transmission repair. This includes replacing worn or damaged parts or components. A transmission rebuild allows us to pull the existing transmission, break it down, clean and replace all parts, and then rebuild and replace it in your vehicle.

Our team may also recommend a replacement transmission. We always discuss your budget and the options, allowing you to have the information needed to make the best choice. If you are in or around Chicago, see the team at SOS for your transmission service and repairs, or call us at 708-344-1760 for assistance.