3 Overlooked Indicators You Need Transmission Repair Services

 In Transmission Repair

In some instances, a transmission may suddenly fail on a vehicle. However, in many cases, vehicle owners and drivers did not recognize the early warning signs of transmission problems. Knowing when to see a transmission repair specialist is a simple way for drivers in the Chicago area to avoid being stranded when the transmission goes out.

At SOS Transmission, we offer a range of services for our customers. We provide free towing and loaner cars, making it easy for our customers to leave their vehicle while we complete the necessary transmission repair. As the best transmission shop in the city, we also diagnose the problem on each vehicle, offering the lowest cost repairs.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

It is not normal for a transmission to leak any fluid. Any signs of fluid under the vehicle where it is parked should trigger a visit to our shop. We can identify the source of the leak and make the necessary repairs, often preventing the need for more costly repairs or a complete transmission replacement in the future.

Burning Smell

Transmission fluid can leak while driving, resulting in a burning smell in the vehicle or when you step out. The same odor of burning transmission fluid can also occur with low fluid levels, which can result in complete transmission failure if the fluid is not replaced to the correct level.

Loss of Power When Driving

There are many different issues that can cause a loss of power and acceleration in a vehicle. One can be a problem with the transmission. A quick check from our transmission repair specialist can determine if it is the transmission or if there is another problem with the vehicle.

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