3 Signs it may be Time for a Transmission Rebuild

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The transmission of a car is probably the auto’s most important mechanism. For a vehicle to operate optimally, all the components must be in good shape. As soon as one or another begins to falter, the driving condition of your car changes. Professionals describe the transmission as the part that is in between the source of power and a specific application. If it is not operating well, it could be time for a Transmission Rebuild Chicago.

Here are three signs it may be time for a rebuild for this component.

Not Shifting Properly

Some vehicles have an automatic transmission, and others have a manual. Those who frequently drive believe that an automatic takes the hassle out of shifting. Whatever your preference may be, as soon as you notice the vehicle is not shifting with ease, it could be time for repairs or a rebuild. At the very least, it is time for an assessment. Whenever one component shows signs of malfunction, it is a good idea to check under the hood simply to prevent it from becoming a bigger issue.

Odd Smells

When your vehicle is giving off odd smells, you should explore why that is happening. You are also encouraged to figure out the source. Depending on where you live, critters are known to crawl into vehicles and sit on the engines due to the warmth. If you are sure the smell emanating from your car is not a skunk or raccoon, it could be coming from the transmission. An electrical issue, for example, could be causing a spark within the wires so the result is a burnt smell.


Leaks are never a good a sign. If it is coming from the transmission, it could be time for a Transmission Rebuild Chicago.

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