Is your transmission giving you problems? From sudden failure, slipping and increasing inefficiency, transmissions can let you down in many ways. If your transmission is stiffer than usual, making odd noises, smells badly or anything else, why not let us take a look? We are the best transmission shop near Chicago, IL and we specialize in transmissions. With more than thirty years of experience, we can handle most transmission repair issues.

Transmission Rebuild in Chicago for Complex Jobs

Our ASE certified technicians are trained to high standards and have significant experience in transmission work. They are trained in emissions control as well as a range of other competencies. Using our expertise, as well as advanced technology and expert diagnostics, we can quickly find the cause of your transmission difficulties and fix them. With many years of transmission rebuild experience, we can usually rebuild a worn or broken transmission.

Nationwide Warranty on Auto Transmissions for Almost Any Vehicle

The best transmission shop near Chicago IL can service late-model, modern, and even the classics. In fact, we can help with your rebuild project with rebuilt transmissions and repair services. Less common makes and models, including foreign cars, are welcome here too, so give us a call.

For quality transmission rebuild or repair services, or to find out more, call us at (708) 344-1760 today.