3 Signs You Should Take Your Vehicle to a Chicago Transmission Specialist

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One of the earliest signs that your transmission may be failing is the “check engine” light on your dashboard. You can verify that the warning signal is indicating a transmission problem by paying attention to other symptoms of the problem. If you notice these signs, you should take your vehicle in for transmission repair in Chicago, IL, as soon as possible.

You Smell Something Burning

The odor of something burning is produced by the friction of moving components rubbing against one another. This can mean you have been leaking fluid, or it may mean your transmission fluid has become too thick with sludge and debris. In either case, you should see a transmission specialist at your earliest convenience.

You Notice a Low Fluid Level

Even though the transmission is an enclosed system, you should still be checking the fluid level regularly. To check your transmission fluid, park the vehicle on a level surface and keep the engine running. If the fluid level is too low, you likely have a leak.

You Notice Sluggish Performance

Another early sign that you need transmission repair in Chicago, IL, is a vehicle that’s slow to accelerate or change gears. This can often be mistaken for a failing spark plug since that issue can also affect performance. If your vehicle isn’t performing as efficiently as it should, it’s important to have the problem diagnosed and repaired. Otherwise, the problem may worsen, putting your vehicle and your safety at risk.

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