Signs Your Vehicle Needs Transmission Repair or Replacement in Illinois

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If you have had your vehicle for a while, it will need transmission repair at some point. This adjustment could mean that the part needs to get serviced, rebuilt, or possibly replaced. It will take a qualified technician to review the damage and determine what service is needed.

Thankfully, you will not be caught by surprise when there is something wrong with your transmission. It will usually have signs that will indicate that a problem exists or it is starting to fail. If you notice these clues right away, you can get the assistance you need and prevent further destruction. Below are the hints you should look out for.


Grinding sounds is one of the most popular indications of a transmission dilemma. It suggests that your clutch is not disengaging from the engine while the gears are rotating. This failure could happen because of damage to the clutch, leaking transmission fluid, or some other internal damage. You will need to visit a repair shop in Chicago for transmission assistance.


Hearing your children or spouse whine about their wants or needs is a hard way to spend your day. Yet, this noise can be more irritating if it comes from your vehicle. If this happens while you are accelerating your auto, the problem may be occurring with your transmission. There could be an issue with worn-out gears, but an inspection is needed to know for sure. You will need a consultation in Chicago for transmission diagnosis and repair.

If your vehicle makes strange noises, get assistance in Chicago for transmission replacement from S-O-S Transmissions at