5 Signs You Require Transmission Repair

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Have you ever been driving a vehicle when the transmission acts up or fails altogether? It is a frightening experience that few forget, and yet there are usually some warning signs that a transmission repair is a good idea. Let’s look at five of the most common signs that it is a good idea to contact a reputable transmission repair service:

  1. Delays – Also known as delayed engagement, it occurs when you move from Park to Drive, and the car seems to hesitate for an overly long period before something kicks in and the car moves. As you might know from experience, it can be very dangerous if you are entering traffic and suddenly have a car that seems to be at a standstill or slow to get moving.
  2. Slipping – You will know what this is the moment it happens. You will be driving along or accelerating from a stop and suddenly the vehicle seems to leave the gear it is in, and hardly move at all. A side effect is that the engine might seem to be roaring even as little to no power is being transferred to the transmission.
  3. Rough shifting – If you are moving the transmission from one gear to another, but it is a bit clunky or you hear very loud thuds with the movement of the gear stick, it is known as rough shifting. It might also cause the vehicle to struggle to get up to speed, and it may seem as if the vehicle is just refusing to behave as it normally does.
  4. Fluid leaks – The transmission requires fluid, and though it is sealed, it can develop leaks. If you see red to dark brown fluids in the drive or on your garage floor, you should get to the garage immediately. If you are going to try to add fluid, remember that overfilling is dangerous and that factory specifications must be followed.
  5. Warning lights – The check engine light often engages when there are issues with the engine, but it can also be a major sign of transmission trouble. If it does illuminate and you have other symptoms (such as any of those above), it could be a major indicator that transmission repair is in your near future.

Do any of these issues seem to be occurring with your automatic transmission? If your car, truck, vintage vehicle, specialty vehicle, or high power vehicle is experiencing transmission problems, you cannot ignore them. When you know it is time for any sort of transmission repair, you will want to pay a visit to the “best transmission shop in Chicago since 1983.”

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