Rebuilt Transmissions: An Affordable Option

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When a transmission causes problems, contact the experienced and qualified technicians at S-O-S. We have the diagnostic tools, the experience, and the expertise to resolve the issue. It may be something minor. It could also be major. We understand the costs involved. This is one reason we suggest you consider the affordable benefits of rebuilt transmissions.

What Is a Rebuilt Transmission?

Essentially, rebuilding involves the following steps after the vehicle is in the shop what occurs to the transmission is:

  1. Removal/Diagnosing – ensuring the transmission is at fault
  2. Cleaning
  3. Stripping – close examination of each part for issues
  4. Repairing/replacing – only worn out parts
  5. Testing
  6. Replacing

In a rebuilt, technicians only replace those parts that are malfunctioning, suffering from damage or are faulty. The rest of the components remain in place. They do not undergo a makeover.


Choosing to have your transmission rebuilt rather than replaced is becoming more common. Three major reasons are behind this trend.

  1. Price: Rebuilt transmissions are less expensive than new or even manufactured ones. They can also save you time which can be costly
  2. Time: This option saves you time. It requires fewer hours to rebuild your transmission. Less time in the shop means you will not have to rent another vehicle, lose time at work or miss out because your car is “in the shop”
  3. Environmentally Friendly: For those who care about the environment, consider this. Recycling parts and not tossing out an entire transmission reduces the amount of waste headed for dumps

Rebuilt Transmissions: A Good Option

S-O-S understands transmissions. This is our focus. Our technicians can perform a major repair job or even replace it. Alternatively, they offer another viable option – one that is affordable, environmentally friendly and saves you and your family time. We rebuild transmissions. When we do, we guarantee that, while your car may not be new, its transmission will certainly run as if it is.