Auto Tips: Signs That Your Transmission System May Need Repair

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The reality is that even responsible vehicle owners are going to have to repair their vehicle at some point.

The parts in a vehicle are not meant to last forever, though they can definitely have a good lifespan with proper maintenance. Still, there is going to come a time when something like your transmission fails, and the following signs may be telling you it is time to look for good transmission shops in Chicago.

The Slip

One obvious sign that your transmission may be failing is the transmission slip. This can feel like your car’s power drops suddenly, without reason.

You are going to have a hard getting your vehicle up to speed when the power keeps dropping. The transmission slip could also make it hard for you to accelerate, so make sure you start looking at transmission shops in Chicago if you experience any of these issues.

Rough Shifts

Another sign your transmission system may be on its way out or needs repair is the rough shift. This is when the transmission system shifts into the next gear, but it does so in a rough way.

You will likely feel a bit of a jolt when the shift happens, or hear a thud or clunk. The transmission system is supposed to shift into different gears without hesitation, and that does not usually happen with a bad transmission system.

The Leaks

The transmission fluid was meant to stay inside the system so that it could do its job. A bad transmission system could be having trouble because there is simply a shortage of fluid.

On top of filling it up, you also have to make sure there are no leaks. Damage that could cause leakage may get worse and harder to address, which usually means more money. You will likely see leakage if you park your vehicle in a parking spot that has no spots. This will allow you to see if your vehicle is leaving anything behind.

A flashing transmission light on your dashboard could also be telling you that you will need to see a transmission expert to get to the bottom of the issue. Click here to find out additional information about their services.