Common Problems When Repairing Your Transmission in Chicago

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When you own a vehicle, you may have several questions about its parts, particularly the transmission. You may ask yourself how often you should replace your transmission fluid and whether Stone Park, IL has a reputable Chicago transmission service. Vehicles with automatic transmission systems generate more heat than manual ones. It means they produce more carbon, which contaminates the transmission fluid over time, thickening it, and therefore it won’t operate efficiently. Car manufacturers usually specify how often to change the transmission fluid. However, periodical changing of the transmission fluid is best to ensure no leaks.

Signs That Your Vehicle Needs a Transmission

Several warning signs indicate that a car needs repair. One noticeable sign is transmission slipping, where your vehicle changes to another gear without reason. An unusual sound from the engine may accompany this. If you experience rough gear shifts and your car cannot reach a good speed, it is best to look for a Chicago transmission repair. Thudding noises from the engine can also accompany rough gear shifts. If your vehicle suffers from delayed engagement, it is time to get it repaired.

Contact an Experienced Transmission Shop in Chicago

Transmission shops with knowledgeable and highly experienced staff can offer you the best service. Reputable shops can specialize in transmission rebuilding, replacement, and repair. They should have the proper equipment to diagnose and fix every problem. S-O-S Transmissions is a family-owned and operated shop in Stone Park, IL, serving domestic and foreign vehicles.