The Best Transmission Service in Chicago

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You love your car. It gets you everywhere you want or need to go. In fact, your car is so carefree that you do not think of making any repairs or doing maintenance on your car and then it does not go. You cannot imagine what can be wrong or maybe you can. You have not had your transmission checked in quite a while and then kaput, it does not work.

Now you have a car emergency. Who are you going to get to fix your transmission or maybe even replace it completely? If you live in Chicago, Illinois you have a plethora of choices. In some neighborhoods, there is a ‘car place’ on every corner. Should you trust your valued vehicle to just any repair shop you find first? Of course not, that would be foolish. You need to find a reliable place for transmission in Chicago

There are certain key things you need to know before leaving your car with just any repair place. Some of the questions you need to ask for transmission Chicago and where would be best for you and your car:

• Are they experienced with transmissions and with your model and make of vehicle?

• Do they give you a warranty

• Do they have their own tow truck to get your car to their shop

• Do their hours’ work for your schedule

• Is their price competitive

For the best transmission Chicago repair shop you should check out S-O-S Transmission. This family-owned business will take care of your transmission issues to y our complete satisfaction.