Common Types of Transmission Repair

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Whether you have a newer vehicle, a car or truck that you’ve had for years, or you’ve just picked up a used car, it’s important that it runs well, naturally. If you have been having trouble with the vehicle, it could stem from many different issues, including a problem with the vehicle’s transmission. It is a good idea to understand at least the basics of different signs and symptoms of transmission problems.

Sometimes, the problems will be blatant, and other times, they might be subtler. It’s important to pay attention to the way your vehicle drives and sounds so you can detect potential transmission issues.

Some of the most common signs of transmission problems include slow and hanging shifting, harsh shifting, a clunking or rattling sound, or a whining and humming sound. For those who are experiencing harsh shifting, as well as slow or hanging shifts, it could be an indication that the components are worn, or that the fluid level is low. A fix might be as simple as replacing the transmission fluid. However, the problem could be more severe, and you might need to have a professional take care of the problem.

Whining sounds could indicate that there is an issue with the transmission fluid pump, while humming sounds could be an indicator that one of the bearings in the transmission is having trouble. It can often be difficult to tell the difference between these types of sounds, and you should contact a specialist to examine and repair your transmission.

If you happen to hear a rattling sound coming from the vehicle, it tends to be bad news. In fact, it could be an indicator that the transmission is going to fail soon. Again, you will want to get in touch with a professional.

Quality Repair Is Essential

When you are choosing a shop to repair your transmission, don’t make the mistake of trying to find the cheapest shop out there. Quality work takes time and effort, and your vehicle deserves the best. Find a shop that can provide you with the proper diagnosis and repair services that you need so you can get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

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