Finding the Right Transmission Shop

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When it comes to vehicle repairs, transmissions stand as one of the most expensive. That’s all the more reason to ensure you choose the right shop to take care of your vehicular needs. It might seem as if choosing the most affordable shop is the best option but that runs you the risk of getting poor service and ongoing problems.

Because this is a common dilemma that many need advice about, here are a few things you should consider when you have to bring in your vehicle for transmission repair.


You probably have friends or coworkers who have had car problems in the past and they are likely happy to provide you with information about reputable transmission shops you can visit. Ask the people you inquire with about repair shops that give high-quality service, fair prices, and great customer service.

Don’t Cheap Out

The best bet when choosing a good shop is finding one that has middle of the line prices. The ones that are overly expensive are unlikely to be so much better that the price is warranted. The cheap places are more likely to provide low quality repair options, which means you may have another issue down the road.


The truly excellent transmission shops are going to be certified and may even be part of organizations that specialize in transmission repair. When choosing the right shop for your car, ask about any certifications or memberships that the shop is a part of. This can go a long way toward showing you whether a shop is professional and skilled or merely amateur. With transmission repairs being expensive, you certainly want the former option.


Once you’ve chosen a shop, the final thing to look for is how the shop portrays itself. You can see this in advertisements and physical appearance. A shop that seems to be clean and organized is likely a high-quality location, while one that is dirty and haphazard may not say much for the skill of the staff. You can also look for training and memberships with organizations like the Better Business Bureau.

Chicago Transmission Repair

If you are looking for a professional transmission shop in Chicago, add SOS Transmissions to your list. We offer qualified and experienced technicians who are capable of taking on any challenge. To learn more about our shop or ask questions you can reach the office at 708-344-1760.