Finding Transmission Repair in Chicago, IL

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Finding Transmission Repair in Chicago, IL

If you need transmission repair in Chicago IL, you may be concerned about finding someone who can do the job right and do it afford ably. You may also be concerned about the amount of time you will be without your vehicle. The answer to the questions of cost and time of repair depends on exactly what is wrong with your transmission. The work done will depend on the problems you are experiencing.

Rebuild, Replace or Repair?

You don’t want to spend more than necessary when repairing your transmission. If a repair will fix the problem, then that is the ideal solution. So, what is the difference between repairing and rebuilding the transmission? And when do you need to replace the transmission entirely? These are questions for an experienced transmission repair garage.

Repairing the transmission is the process of fixing only the part of the transmission that is directly damaged. It will ideally get the transmission back in working order. While this is the least costly alternative, it is not always possible. Because the transmission has many parts that are closely related, damage to one area can lead to damage in others. In these cases, rebuilding the transmission is the better alternative.

A transmission rebuild is a process of taking the transmission apart. A trained mechanic can examine the transmission and determine what needs to be done to get the transmission back in good condition. This means replacing any parts that are worn or damaged and then reassembling the transmission. Transmission rebuilds take the work of someone highly experienced in transmission work.

Sometimes it is necessary to replace the entire transmission. An experienced transmission repair garage, such as S-O-S Transmissions, can handle repairs, rebuilds, and replacements.

Sometimes you can purchase a re-manufactured transmission. This is a transmission that has been professionally refurbished. Replacing the transmission involves replacing all components, leaving you with new, or in the case of refurbished transmissions, like-new, components. If you are need of transmission repair in Chicago IL or the surrounding areas, contact S-O-S Transmissions . Their experienced staff can get check your transmission and give you the options to get back in running order.