How to Find the Right Transmission Shop

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Considering how expensive a transmission repair can get, it’s important to choose the right transmission shop the first time around. The transmission system of a vehicle is a complicated machine with several moving parts. Your job as you choose a transmission shop is to minimize the chance for mistakes by finding the right transmission technicians.

Talk to Friends and Relatives

When it comes to getting straight answers about purchasing experiences, no one does it quite like the people who care about you the most, your friends and relatives. They are motivated to give you the real truth by the fact that the health of your relationship depends on it. Ask whom they would recommend, how they felt about the price, and how they felt about the work performed. If you’re thinking of hiring a transmission shop already, run the idea by those in your circle. Don’t forget to ask how the shop handled any difficulties that arose during the repair. The true character of a transmission shop is often revealed when things don’t go too smoothly.

Check for Certifications

A good transmission shop will have technicians who are certified. They accept nothing but the best, and an objective certification process is a good way to vet potential mechanics. When it comes to transmissions, you really want a Master Technician. Having ASE certification is certainly a plus, but the truly skilled will have earned the title of Master Technician. Don’t settle for anything less.

Get a Detailed Quote

A quote consisting of a few numbers scribbled on a piece of paper is a good sign you’re in for a bad experience. Installing, rebuilding, and repairing transmissions is serious work for a serious professional. Their level of expertise will be reflected all the way down to the quality of their quote. Also, beware of quotes that do not delineate every aspect of the scope of work. If the quote is just one number, that’s a bad sign. The transmission shop could be overcharging you for parts, labor, or both. Ask to have everything explained clearly and in writing. Clarify abbreviations generated by their computerized quoting system and even internal quote codes. If they get impatient or flustered in any way, congratulations: you just saved yourself a much bigger headache.

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