Ensure Your Transmission Lasts With These Tips

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You may already know this, but it’s worth stating that fixing a transmission that is broken can be the most expensive repair you’ll ever see in your vehicle. That’s why it’s crucial to understand how long a transmission usually lasts and what you can do to extend that time. We’ll consider both of those things in this article.

Length of Life

Every transmission is different. Some may fail after only 10,000 miles, while others might handle over 300,000 miles without a hitch. Both the low and high number are rare, however. In most cases, an automatic transmission will last around 175,00 miles. A manual transmission might last a bit longer. What you need to realize is that two things determine the lifespan: your own driving habits and following through with maintenance.

Check Your Fluid

One way to avoid early transmission repair is by ensuring you check your transmission fluid as required. If the level of liquid gets low, it can cause overheating which leads to severe problems. It can even make the transmission fail entirely. You should check the fluid once or twice a month and use the fluid recommended in your owner’s manual. With a manual, the clutch fluid should be checked one to two times a month and the transmission oil at least once a year.

Regular Service

You should have your filter and oil for the transmission changed about every 25,000 miles or once every 18 months. With a newer vehicle, you also want the transmission flushed about once every two years or at 45,000 miles. This process removes any debris and sediment from the cooler lines and torque converter. With manual transmissions, you should have the oil and fluid changes about every 35,000 miles on average.

Use Synthetic Fluid

When you use traditional transmission fluid, over time it breaks down which means it works much less effectively. This problem isn’t found when using synthetic fluid. This type of fluid is more resistant to heat, which makes it ideal if you do any towing or drive in an area that causes strain on your transmission, such as heavy traffic or the mountains.

Transmission Repair Made Easy

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