Keep Your Transmission Running Longer with These Tips

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Many people don’t really think about their vehicle’s transmission until the moment where it needs a repair or completely fails. However, preventing these issues is easier and much less expensive than handling them after the face. Maintaining your transmission is fairly easy and takes little time. Here are a few things to incorporate into your schedule to keep your transmission running for years to come.

Regularly Check the Transmission Fluid

The truth is that transmission fluid is a big part of your transmission and simply maintaining your fluid can help prolong the life of your transmission. Most transmission problems start because of fluid that is either low or dirty, so it’s not something to ignore. In addition, heat is the worst thing that can happen to your transmission so avoiding overheating is crucial. We recommend you check your fluid once a month, just to be sure things are okay.

Use Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Most synthetic fluids work better than traditional fluids and that applies to transmission fluid, as well. They actually have a handful of benefits over them. They are better at resisting both hot and cold. They also do better at lessening shearing and oxidation. Each of these things can cause problems in a transmission and drop its lifespan. Many manufacturers use synthetic fluids and you can ask to have your transmission shop do the same.

Service the Transmission Regularly

In addition to dealing with the fluid for your transmission, you also want to have your transmission services every two years or 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. This process involves having the fluid drained, pan removed and cleaned, and the filter replaced. Everything is then moved back where it goes before new fluid is added. The cost for this isn’t outrageous and it’s an important part of maintenance.

Add an External Filter

You will already have a filter inside the transmission which traps any dirt and debris to avoid it getting into the fluid. However, that isn’t always enough. By adding a filter to your cooler line, more contaminants are trapped when ensures your fluid is even cleaner than it would normally be. This can keep your transmission going longer and make your investment well worth it.

Keep in mind these tips and make sure to schedule regular service at your favorite transmission shop. SOS Transmissions can provide this service and many others. You can contact us by visiting our website at