Why You Want the Best Transmission Shop on Speed Dial

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Here’s the thing, no one wants to be searching or asking around about the best transmission shop because their car or truck is not working. Just imagine, your vehicle’s transmission starts to slip or you can’t even get it to switch gears easily…that’s not the time you want to perform all kinds of due diligence and figure out the best transmission shop for your needs.

Do the Work Now

Instead, we offer some tips for choosing the best transmission shop and then having their number on hand long before you need them. Simply having the right shop on speed dial or in your contacts is like having a lucky charm, and though you may never need them, they sure come in handy the very moment a problem appears. After all, your homework is also going to point you towards the kind of shop that offers quick service, towing, and…well, now we are getting ahead of ourselves! Let’s first look at those factors that can help you locate the best shop for transmission work.

The Factors to Consider

Here are some of the simplest things you can find out about a transmission shop to determine if it is worth your time and a place in your contacts list:

  • Do they repair all kinds of transmissions? Cars, trucks, high power vehicles, classics and vintage, or specialty vehicles?
  • Are their techs ASE certified?
  • Do they have a warranty on their work?
  • Do they provide free towing when you book a repair?
  • Do they offer you a loaner? Is it for free?

Those are what you could call the non-negotiables. If they are not skilled in all kinds of repairs, don’t have ASE certified techs, refuse to stand behind their work, and make it a challenge to get to and from the shop (i.e. offering loaners and towing), it’s time to look elsewhere. The other factors to consider include:

Do they give estimates? Yes, that means giving them a call and throwing a hypothetical at them. However, a shop that won’t give even a ballpark is not the shop for you!

Do they have a history in the area? The shop that has many years operating in the area is usually the one to trust. They’ll have lots of positive feedback and word of mouth and give you what you need.

SOS Transmissions is the best transmission shop in the Chicago area and has been for 30 years. They should be on your speed dial and you can contact them online, too.