Signs of Transmission Problems

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It’s a good idea to get your transmission serviced regularly. It could be every 30,000 miles, depending on recommendations by your vehicle’s manufacturer. If your car has high miles and you intend to keep driving it, replacing / rebuilding the transmission is something you’ll eventually consider.

No one wants to have to repair their transmission or buy a rebuilt transmission, but if you drive a vehicle for years and put on a lot of mileage, transmission problems are an eventuality. If you suspect you have transmission problems, a transmission diagnosis can help you determine whether it’s a minor or major problem. In the meantime, here are some signs that you should consider getting your transmission looked at.

  • Slipping or Lack of Response – Does it slip when you change gears, not respond or is the response delayed?
  • Smell – Burning clutch is a distinct smell that means you need to get your transmission checked.
  • Leaking fluid. If your transmission is leaking fluids, extra care is required, otherwise it could seize up completely.
  • Grinding and shaking (specifically with manual transmissions).
  • Check Engine Light – Never neglect your ‘check engine’ light. It may or may not be a major problem with the engine, transmission, or another important part. Get it diagnosed as soon as possible.
  • You can’t recall the last time you had your transmission looked at / serviced. Prevention is the best cure for a roadside breakdown.

Whether it’s determined you need a minor repair or to buy a rebuilt transmission, a transmission shop specialized in transmissions is likely your best bet to save money and get the expertise needed. We offer expertise, a great reputation, and above-average warranties at SOS Transmissions – call 708.344.1760.