These Signs Could Indicate the Need for Transmission Repair in Chicago

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The transmission in your car is an essential component so that you can change gears while you’re driving. Without it being functional, you’re not going to be able to travel very far. Here are a few signs that your transmission might need to be repaired.

Leaking Fluids

A sign that you might need transmission repair in Chicago, IL is if you have fluid leaking underneath your car. If the fluid has a red or pink tint or smells sweet, then it’s likely from your transmission. This is an issue that you want to have addressed as soon as possible because you don’t want to operate your car with no transmission fluid as it can burn out the gears.

Slipping Gears

A common sign of needing transmission repair in Chicago, IL is when your gears slip while shifting from one to another or slipping to another gear while you’re driving. This can be a dangerous issue as you don’t want the gears to slip to reverse or neutral while you’re driving at full speed as it could result in a sudden stop in traffic.

Not Shifting Gears

When you shift from one gear to another, you shouldn’t notice any kind of resistance. If you’re unable to shift at all or only able to shift to certain gears, then you should consider getting your transmission checked as it’s usually a sign that it needs to be repaired or replaced. It could be something as simple as the fluid being low but could also be something as significant as the gears being completely worn down and burned out.

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