What Is a Transmission Rebuild and How Is It Different From a Replace?

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During our more than 30 years of handling cars that need a transmission rebuild in Chicago, we have discovered that many drivers simply do not understand what a rebuild entails. Many other drivers confuse a transmission rebuild with a replacement. Fortunately, the experienced mechanics at S-O-S Transmissions are happy to help clear up the misconceptions regarding transmission rebuild in Chicago.

What Is a Transmission Rebuild?

A rebuild refers to a significant overhaul to a vehicle’s already existing transmission. Over time, your vehicle’s transmission will begin to experience wear and tear. In some cases, only certain parts need to be replaced. In these instances, replacing the worn parts is known as rebuilding the transmission.

What Is a Transmission Replace?

In some instances, a transmission rebuild is not practical because too many parts need to be replaced. If a transmission is damaged beyond the ability to fix, you may have to choose a transmission replace instead. This refers to the practice of having an entirely new transmission put into your car.

Why Choose a Transmission Rebuild?

During the years that S-O-S Transmissions has been in business, many of our customers have this initial question: why not simply buy a new transmission instead of having chosen to buy a rebuilt one? The simple answer is that new transmissions can be very expensive, especially on newer model cars. A transmission rebuild will typically cost less than a brand-new transmission will.

What Types of Parts Are Replaced in a Transmission Rebuild?

During a rebuild, several of the most important parts of a transmission can be replaced. These include the following parts:

  1. Bands
  2. Clutch
  3. Gaskets
  4. Seals
  5. Torque converter
  6. Solenoids

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