Your Guide to Keeping Your Car Running Smoothly with Better Transmission Care

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Few things are as important to the proper function of your vehicle as your transmission. The part gets its name from its ability to convert or transmit the energy produced in the engine to the wheels and other moving parts of your car, thus making it the proverbial muscle behind every movement your vehicle makes. It’s no wonder mechanics put such an emphasis on good transmission care!

Here are a few tips for keeping your transmission in top shape – all from the Chicago area industry experts:

Use the Right Transmission Fluid and Check It Regularly

Your transmission requires transmission fluid to operate properly. Each model will require a specific type of fluid; using the right variety is part of ensuring that your car gets what it needs to run properly. Checking your transmission fluid levels regularly is also important to keep these levels from dipping too low and for detecting leaks or problems with soiled fluid in your system.

Flush It Out

To keep your transmission from suffering the ill effects of gunk getting built up inside, have the system flushed regularly. You can have this service performed at your regular repair shop or anywhere you have your transmission serviced.

Keep It Cool

Transmissions can be damaged when your car overheats. Be sure to have your engine checked regularly to see that the temperature regulation is working properly. This will spare you from having to replace or repair your transmission later due to damages.

Warm It Up

Just as you should be sure you don’t let your car get too hot, so to should you also ensure that you don’t drive until you’ve warmed your engine up in the bitter cold of winter. Giving your car at least a few minutes to warm up will ensure that all parts are properly functioning and lessen the strain put on each.

Stop Before You Shift Gears

Many people are guilty of shifting gears before their vehicle has come to a complete stop. While this isn’t technically illegal, it can result in driving behavior that is. What’s more – and more important to the topic of your transmission – it puts tremendous strain on your car’s transmission over time. Slowing to a complete stop before shifting gears gives your vehicle more time to adjust and puts less stress on your transmission in the process.

For more information on the proper care of your car’s transmission, contact the Chicago area experts at SOS Transmissions. We’ll help you stay on the road longer and keep your car running smoother – all with the customer service and prices you expect from area industry leaders. For more information about these services click here.