These 4 Driving Habits Can Hurt Your Automatic Transmission

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Today’s automatic transmissions are dependable and provide many miles of good service. However, your driving habits can affect your transmission’s health. Here are four things you should avoid, or you may be checking out transmission shops in Chicago soon.

1. Coasting Downhill in Neutral
Some drivers shift their cars into neutral when coasting down hills. They reason when the transmission is disengaged completely, the engine has less resistance. This can give you better fuel mileage. However, this is not the case.
Shifting to neutral while driving limits transmission lubrication. This causes extra wear and tear. You do not save fuel, but you may need to check out transmission shops in Chicago if you keep doing this.

2. Braking by Shifting into Park
Some people slow down and then slam the car into “park” before it comes to a complete stop. This is not a good way to stop your vehicle. It is bad for your transmission because it places a lot of stress on shifting parts.

3. Shifting to Neutral at Red Traffic Lights
When you sit at a long traffic light, you might want to shift into neutral. After all, it may take some strain off the transmission. However, any good you do your car is undone due to the extra wear and tear you place on parts by frequent shifting to neutral. You save very little fuel with this strategy too.

4. Revving the Engine Before Shifting
Some young drivers think it is cool to sit and rev the engine and then shift into gear. This is never good because the car’s transmission gets a sudden jolt which can cause all kinds of problems over time. S-O-S Transmissions is one of the most trusted transmission shops in Chicago. For a free consultation call us now at 1-708-344-1760 or go to on the Web.