The Advantages of Having Your Transmission Rebuilt by a Chicago Shop

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When the transmission of your vehicle is at the point where it’s too much of a problem to ignore and can’t be fixed any longer, then you are faced with the decision of having your transmission rebuilt or simply replacing it with a brand new one. Overall, it’s usually a better option to rebuild when you turn the situation over to the right team handling rebuilt transmissions in Chicago. Of course, some transmissions are beyond the point of rebuilding, but most aren’t. Rebuilding is usually better for your pocketbook, the environment and your vehicle.

Advantages of rebuilding

The right shop specializing in rebuilt transmissions in Chicago can save you money. To start with, they will use repurposed and recycled materials and parts to do the rebuild that work just as well as new components and are far cheaper. Furthermore, using recycled materials means that natural resources aren’t being consumed to create new ones, and this is good for the environment. It’s all part of doing more with less for the benefit of everyone.

A failing transmission causes many problems including, stalling, slipping out of gear, etc., and a rebuild will solve these, giving you a vehicle with improved performance and enhanced safety. If you are hearing strange sounds and smelling strange smells when you drive, the problem is likely your transmission, and it’s time to do a rebuild. To learn more about having your automotive transmission rebuilt by a friendly and expert team, check out the SOS Transmissions website at

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