What Is The Process For Rebuilt Transmissions?

What Is The Process For Rebuilt Transmissions?

At SOS Transmissions in Chicago, we focus on providing our customers with the most cost-effective option to correct any transmission problems on their vehicle. For some customers we may recommend a repair, while for others, the best option is choosing to rebuild the transmission.

There is a difference between repaired and rebuilt transmissions that directly impacts the cost of the service. A transmission repair fixes only the specific component that is damaged, worn, or no longer working correctly. The rebuilding process is much more extensive and detailed.

The Process Used for Rebuilt Transmissions

The first step in a transmission rebuild is to remove the transmission from the vehicle. The entire transmission is then dismantled into individual pieces and components, and all are washed to remove any grease, oil, or dirt.

Then, all the worn parts, gaskets, and seals on rebuilt transmissions are replaced with new parts. If there are any manufacturer’s upgrades or changes, the new OEM parts and components are installed. The electrical components are tested, upgraded, or repaired as needed.

Finally, the Certified Master Automobile Technician at SOS Transmissions working on your rebuild will put the transmission back together. It is then tested and replaced in your vehicle. As this is the original transmission, it fits seamlessly with all other vehicle components and systems.

The result is a like-new transmission for your vehicle. Keep in mind, our transmission shop also offers shuttle services, loaner cars, and towing services for those in the Chicago area. To talk with the team, call us at 708-344-1760.


The Facts About Rebuilt Transmissions

A frequent question we hear from our customers in and nearby Chicago focuses on the value of rebuilt transmissions. At SOS Transmissions, our ASE certified Master Technicians take the time to inspect your vehicle, determine the type of transmission problem, and make the best recommendation suited to your specific transmission issue.

Our transmission shop works on vehicles from older model passenger cars to trucks, SUVs, as well as classic and high performance vehicles. In many cases, we recommend a rebuilt transmission as the most cost-effective and efficient option for your vehicle.

What Is a Transmission Rebuild?

The process of rebuilding a transmission starts with taking the transmission apart and inspecting all parts and components. Everything is cleaned and checked as part of the inspection process. We then replace any damaged parts with new parts while leaving any components in good condition in the transmission once it is put back together.

This saves money for the vehicle owner, as rebuilt transmissions only replace worn and damaged parts while using parts in good condition. Keep in mind, all parts are updated to the latest in specifications by the manufacturer, which is another advantage to consider.

In-House Work

Our work with rebuilt transmissions is done in our shop, which means we ensure full quality control standards throughout the process. We also eliminate the need to ship the transmission out for repair and rebuilding, shortening the time the vehicle is in the shop.

If you are in the Chicago area and are searching for a transmission shop near me, let us help you with your transmission repairs. Give us a call today at 708-344-1760 for free towing, loaner cars, and our local shuttle service.


The Benefits Of A Rebuilt Transmission

If you are having transmission problems with a vehicle, finding a transmission repair specialist near me is a primary concern for drivers in Chicago. SOS Transmissions is a trusted shop for all types of transmission repairs and service throughout the city.

Many customers are unaware of the different options that may be possible when a transmission fails. One of the possibilities is to rebuild your current transmission, which offers a range of benefits over installing a new transmission.

What is a Rebuilt Transmission?

A rebuilt transmission is a complete overhaul of the current transmission in your car, truck, or SUV. The old transmission is removed, taken apart, inspected, and all good condition parts and components cleaned and replaced.

Worn and damaged components of the transmission are replaced with OEM parts and components during the rebuild process. In some cases, the parts or components can be refurbished and replaced.

Benefits to Consider

Drivers in Chicago choosing a rebuilt transmission will:

  • Save money over a new transmission
  • Save time in ordering, shipping, and installing of a new transmission
  • Ensure the configuration of the transmission is specific for the vehicle
  • Eliminate the environmental impact of disposal of the old transmission

Opting for a rebuilt rather than a new transmission is a good option with most vehicles. While it is not a brand new transmission, it is a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly option that allows the vehicle owner to save up to or more than half of the cost of installing a brand new OEM transmission.

If you have any questions about your transmission or would like to schedule a repair appointment, call us today at 708-344-1760.


The Advantages of Having Your Transmission Rebuilt by a Chicago Shop

When the transmission of your vehicle is at the point where it’s too much of a problem to ignore and can’t be fixed any longer, then you are faced with the decision of having your transmission rebuilt or simply replacing it with a brand new one. Overall, it’s usually a better option to rebuild when you turn the situation over to the right team handling rebuilt transmissions in Chicago. Of course, some transmissions are beyond the point of rebuilding, but most aren’t. Rebuilding is usually better for your pocketbook, the environment and your vehicle.

Advantages of rebuilding

The right shop specializing in rebuilt transmissions in Chicago can save you money. To start with, they will use repurposed and recycled materials and parts to do the rebuild that work just as well as new components and are far cheaper. Furthermore, using recycled materials means that natural resources aren’t being consumed to create new ones, and this is good for the environment. It’s all part of doing more with less for the benefit of everyone.

A failing transmission causes many problems including, stalling, slipping out of gear, etc., and a rebuild will solve these, giving you a vehicle with improved performance and enhanced safety. If you are hearing strange sounds and smelling strange smells when you drive, the problem is likely your transmission, and it’s time to do a rebuild. To learn more about having your automotive transmission rebuilt by a friendly and expert team, check out the SOS Transmissions website at Sos-trans.com.


Paying Attention to Failing Transmission Signs

Without a properly functioning transmission in your vehicle, you’re not going to be able to shift into gear. This means that you’re not going to be able to go forward or backward. Before you’re stuck with no transmission, you might notice a few signs indicating that you need a transmission repair in Chicago, IL, and should seek professional assistance.

If you don’t have your transmission fluid changed on a regular basis as you would your oil, then your transmission won’t stay properly lubricated. This means that the transmission can begin slipping from one gear to another. You’ll usually begin to notice this when you’re going up and down hills more than when you’re traveling on a flat stretch of road. A sign that you need a transmission repair in Chicago, IL, is fluid that’s leaking from underneath your vehicle. Sometimes, it’s difficult to distinguish between transmission fluid and other types of fluid in your vehicle, which is why it’s important to have your vehicle checked to determine exactly what kind of fluid you’re seeing. Transmission fluid is usually red or dark brown.

Sometimes, you can smell the gears in your transmission burning, especially as you put more strain on the vehicle going up a hill or frequently changing gears while driving in a small town. You might notice that your transmission is grinding or that it doesn’t want to engage in a certain gear. There could also be a clunking sound when the transmission is put in gear. You’ll usually notice that reverse is the first gear that poses problems. You might also notice that your vehicle doesn’t accelerate properly, which is a common sign of your transmission not performing as it should.

When you suspect that your transmission might need to be repaired, contact SOS Transmissions by visiting https://sos-trans.com/.


What To Look For In The Best Transmission Shop In Your Area

Any type of vehicle is made up of a set of systems that work together. Some systems, such as the vehicle’s air condition, are nice to have, but the vehicle can be safely operated even if they are not working properly. The same is not true for the transmission system, and repairs or replacement can be a significant investment.

Finding the best transmission shop in Chicago does not have to take a lot of your time, but it will save you stress, frustration, and money. Top transmission shops, and particularly our team at S-O-S Transmission, take great pride in working for our customers to get them back on the road with repaired, rebuilt, or a new transmission replacement.

Repair or Rebuild?

Most non-working transmissions can be repaired, or they can be rebuilt. A repair starts with a diagnostic test on the transmission. The results of this test allow the technician to pinpoint the cause of the problem. With this information, the technician can provide information on the cost of a repair or a rebuild. The team at Sos-trans.com uses the latest in technology for all diagnostic services.

The best transmission shop near Chicago is always transparent in this process. They are upfront with the current damage to the transmission and the cost of the repair. A rebuilt allows the transmission shop to breakdown the transmission, replace worn or damaged parts, and put it back together using OEM components. The result is your existing transmission is completely upgraded, while a repair only fixes the specific areas of damage.

Experience and Training

Take the time to find out how long the transmission service has been in business and the types of transmissions they service. The best transmission shop in Chicago should offer ASE Certified Master Technicians for your repair, rebuild, or transmission replacement needs.

For more information on the services offered at S-O-S Transmission, call us today at 708-344-1760 or see us online at sos-trans.com.


Top Reasons To Choose Rebuilt Transmissions

Rebuilt Transmissions

As a critical system in any vehicle, problems with a transmission can result in very costly repairs if the vehicle owner opts for a new transmission replacement. A cost-effective option for drivers in Chicago and the surrounding areas is to choose one of the rebuilt transmissions we offer at Sos-trans.com.

A rebuilt transmission is a transmission that is taken from your vehicle. It is then broken down into the mechanical parts, and each one is checked for wear and tear or damage. Any of these damaged parts are replaced with new OEM parts, while the parts that are in good condition are simply placed back into the transmission, saving on the cost of the rebuild process.

Works with the Vehicle

A significant advantage in choosing rebuilt transmissions over used or even remanufactured transmissions is the fit within the vehicle. Remanufactured transmissions may be from the same make and model, but they are not already configured to your vehicle, which can result in the need for additional modifications once the remanufactured transmission arrives.

The rebuilt model simply drops back into the vehicle for which it was originally designed and configured. Parts and systems that fit perfectly last longer and have less wear and tear during operation.

Saves You Money

At Sos-trans.com, the rebuilt transmissions we offer can save our customers hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new transmission for their vehicle. With our ability to recycle parts, to replace only those needed, and to use the existing housing, we save you money while allowing you to get more miles out of the vehicle before it needs to be replaced.

To find out more about our Chicago transmission service, contact our team at 708-344-1760.


A Rebuilt Transmission in Chicago Can Save You Time and Money

Rebuilt Transmission

Replacing your car’s transmission is one of the most expensive things you can do. Replacing your transmission ranges from $4,000 to $8,000. However, a rebuilt transmission in Chicago costs considerably less, ranging from $2,800 to $3,800.

The good news is, if you detect a potential problem with your car’s transmission early, you may not need a full transmission rebuild. A transmission rebuild is the better option in most cases. You’ll only replace the parts that have failed, thus, saving money.

That said, have a mechanic you trust thoroughly inspect your transmission before making a decision on how to proceed. You need to determine the cause of your problem, in order to decide whether or not you really need a transmission rebuild.

Rebuilding a transmission first involves removing it from your vehicle. That can take some time. Next, it’s thoroughly cleaned by running it through a parts washer. Next, your mechanic needs to find the damaged parts, as well as any damaged gaskets and seals. Finally, it’s put back together with new parts, gaskets, and seals, and reinstalled in your vehicle.

While that sounds relatively simple, it’s actually a labor-intensive process. Much of the cost will be for labor. That makes a transmission shop that really knows how to diagnose the problem and how to fix it right, will ultimately save you money. You don’t want to waste money on a mechanic who wastes your time.

S-O-S Transmissions are the most knowledgeable and experienced shop for a rebuilt transmission in Chicago.