Top Reasons To Choose Rebuilt Transmissions

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Rebuilt Transmissions

As a critical system in any vehicle, problems with a transmission can result in very costly repairs if the vehicle owner opts for a new transmission replacement. A cost-effective option for drivers in Chicago and the surrounding areas is to choose one of the rebuilt transmissions we offer at

A rebuilt transmission is a transmission that is taken from your vehicle. It is then broken down into the mechanical parts, and each one is checked for wear and tear or damage. Any of these damaged parts are replaced with new OEM parts, while the parts that are in good condition are simply placed back into the transmission, saving on the cost of the rebuild process.

Works with the Vehicle

A significant advantage in choosing rebuilt transmissions over used or even remanufactured transmissions is the fit within the vehicle. Remanufactured transmissions may be from the same make and model, but they are not already configured to your vehicle, which can result in the need for additional modifications once the remanufactured transmission arrives.

The rebuilt model simply drops back into the vehicle for which it was originally designed and configured. Parts and systems that fit perfectly last longer and have less wear and tear during operation.

Saves You Money

At, the rebuilt transmissions we offer can save our customers hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new transmission for their vehicle. With our ability to recycle parts, to replace only those needed, and to use the existing housing, we save you money while allowing you to get more miles out of the vehicle before it needs to be replaced.

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Rebuilt Transmissions