The Benefits Of A Transmission Rebuild

 In Rebuilt Transmission

One of the questions we hear at SOS Transmission is “Why is a transmission rebuild a good option for my vehicle?” There are several reasons why our Certified ASE Master Technician may recommend a rebuild over a transmission repair. At our Chicago shop, we always take the time to explain the options for your vehicle, and why we recommend one option as the best for your car, truck, or SUV.

The Cost Factor

Replacing a transmission with a new transmission is very expensive. In most cases, the cost of a replacement transmission starts at about $3500. Trying to find a replacement used transmission at a wrecker yard takes both time as well as money, and there is always the risk that the transmission may be damaged or in poor shape.

A transmission rebuild is much less costly than a new transmission, and it comes with a warranty from SOS Transmissions. This gives our customers both peace of mind and a great deal.


A transmission rebuild includes removing the transmission, taking it apart, cleaning and checking all components, replacing any worn or damaged parts. The transmission is then put back together, tested, and put back in your vehicle. This results in a like-new transmission at a very low cost.

The entire transmission rebuild process takes just days. We also offer free loaner cars when your vehicle is in our Chicago shop. You never need to worry about paying for vehicle rentals during the process.

To schedule an appointment for a rebuild or repair of your transmission, call us at 708-344-1760.

What Is The Process For Rebuilt Transmissions?