What Is The Process For Rebuilt Transmissions?

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What Is The Process For Rebuilt Transmissions?

At SOS Transmissions in Chicago, we focus on providing our customers with the most cost-effective option to correct any transmission problems on their vehicle. For some customers we may recommend a repair, while for others, the best option is choosing to rebuild the transmission.

There is a difference between repaired and rebuilt transmissions that directly impacts the cost of the service. A transmission repair fixes only the specific component that is damaged, worn, or no longer working correctly. The rebuilding process is much more extensive and detailed.

The Process Used for Rebuilt Transmissions

The first step in a transmission rebuild is to remove the transmission from the vehicle. The entire transmission is then dismantled into individual pieces and components, and all are washed to remove any grease, oil, or dirt.

Then, all the worn parts, gaskets, and seals on rebuilt transmissions are replaced with new parts. If there are any manufacturer’s upgrades or changes, the new OEM parts and components are installed. The electrical components are tested, upgraded, or repaired as needed.

Finally, the Certified Master Automobile Technician at SOS Transmissions working on your rebuild will put the transmission back together. It is then tested and replaced in your vehicle. As this is the original transmission, it fits seamlessly with all other vehicle components and systems.

The result is a like-new transmission for your vehicle. Keep in mind, our transmission shop also offers shuttle services, loaner cars, and towing services for those in the Chicago area. To talk with the team, call us at 708-344-1760.