The Facts About Rebuilt Transmissions

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A frequent question we hear from our customers in and nearby Chicago focuses on the value of rebuilt transmissions. At SOS Transmissions, our ASE certified Master Technicians take the time to inspect your vehicle, determine the type of transmission problem, and make the best recommendation suited to your specific transmission issue.

Our transmission shop works on vehicles from older model passenger cars to trucks, SUVs, as well as classic and high performance vehicles. In many cases, we recommend a rebuilt transmission as the most cost-effective and efficient option for your vehicle.

What Is a Transmission Rebuild?

The process of rebuilding a transmission starts with taking the transmission apart and inspecting all parts and components. Everything is cleaned and checked as part of the inspection process. We then replace any damaged parts with new parts while leaving any components in good condition in the transmission once it is put back together.

This saves money for the vehicle owner, as rebuilt transmissions only replace worn and damaged parts while using parts in good condition. Keep in mind, all parts are updated to the latest in specifications by the manufacturer, which is another advantage to consider.

In-House Work

Our work with rebuilt transmissions is done in our shop, which means we ensure full quality control standards throughout the process. We also eliminate the need to ship the transmission out for repair and rebuilding, shortening the time the vehicle is in the shop.

If you are in the Chicago area and are searching for a transmission shop near me, let us help you with your transmission repairs. Give us a call today at 708-344-1760 for free towing, loaner cars, and our local shuttle service.

What Is The Process For Rebuilt Transmissions?